What Services Do Montgomery County Nonprofit Organizations Offer to Their Communities?

Does your organization support the Montgomery County business community and would you like to be featured on this page? Montgomery County Government is committed to providing excellent service to its diverse communities, residents, and businesses. If you feel that you have not received the best service or have any compliments or other comments related to the service you received from your county government, I urge you to contact me. The Office of Community Partnerships (OCP) serves as a bridge between county government and community organizations that serve Montgomery County residents, and works to break down the barriers of race, ethnicity, income, and religion that often divide communities. Collaborations between nonprofits and from all sectors add extra depth and detail to what nonprofits do and how they do it.

In Montgomery County, one in ten workers is employed by a nonprofit organization, which is in line with the national average. However, most programs, even those from these organizations, are open to all small businesses in the county. The Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center is Montgomery County's official welcome center for immigrants and newcomers and provides a variety of programs and services to the Montgomery County community. The Montgomery nonprofit organization has more than 200 members and strives to address inequities within the nonprofit sector and the county; increase the resources and participation of small and new nonprofits and those run by people of color; ensure that the public and legislators understand the vital role of nonprofit organizations; and collaborate with public and private partners to promote economic opportunities for county residents. The county includes these organizations as a public service and encourages individual businesses to evaluate each of them to determine their capacity to meet their business needs.

Members of African, African American, Asian, Caribbean, Latino, Middle Eastern, and LGBTQ advisory groups are appointed by the EC to ensure that the county executive is well-informed and can act effectively to respond to the needs and concerns of the county's diverse communities, and to work collaboratively with government, non-profit organizations, and community organizations to create an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming county. Members of nonprofit organizations take advantage of intensive education and business development programs, public training, office services, and resource referrals, which serve more than 300 nonprofit organizations in the area. Listings are available to organizations located or that support businesses in Montgomery County, Maryland. These organizations receive funding from Montgomery County to support your small business at little or no cost to you. While some nonprofit groups have common ground, there are so many variables (including each organization's unique history and place in the community) that there really isn't a “typical nonprofit organization.” Across the country and here in Montgomery County, the most common type is 501 (c), 3, which indicates that a nonprofit organization is charitable and that donations to the group are tax-deductible.

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