Supporting Nonprofit Organizations in Montgomery County: A Guide for Local Leaders

Nonprofit organizations are essential for the development of our communities. They provide assistance, support, information, and promotion to individuals and providers involved in reintegration in their area. To find local, state, and national organizations that focus on reentry, see the list below. At the center of our mission is the belief that one of the best ways to improve our community is to strengthen nonprofit organizations that do smart and innovative work.

In Montgomery County, applicants must directly address the priority areas and criteria mentioned in their proposal. To be eligible for funding, applicants must have a nonprofit organization designation and all proposed services must be performed within Montgomery County. Organizations can submit their request independently or in collaboration with other groups. County funds cannot be used to replace other funding for services already planned.

Rich Holladay, executive director of Leadership Clarksville, states that “Too often, unknowingly and unintentionally, nonprofit organizations meddle with each other, sometimes organizing and holding community fundraising events at the same time”. To address this issue, a group of local leaders is working to improve communication throughout the community for the benefit of Montgomery County's many nonprofits and charities. The goal of this program is to support a flexible range of new programs that address the needs of underserved communities in the county, designed and directed by non-profit organizations based in these communities. The Montgomery County Veterans Coalition has a calendar where nonprofit events and activities will be posted throughout the year.

Each coordinating organization included in the campaign raises money for non-profit agencies and charitable foundations that share its mission. Holladay, Peters, and Burton believe that a little conversation with the community can go a long way in helping each and every nonprofit organization achieve its goals. If you have more questions about the specific projects a particular nonprofit organization in Montgomery County is working on, you can reach out to them directly or contact one of these local leaders for more information.

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