Uncovering Exciting Opportunities for Montgomery County Nonprofits

Are you a nonprofit organization in Montgomery County looking for ways to collaborate with the local school district and county government? If so, this is the perfect event for you! At this special gathering, Jen Strouble, MCPS After-School Time Coordinator, will provide an overview of the request for proposals (RFP) opportunity for nonprofit organizations for the upcoming school year. This is an excellent chance to learn more about how your organization can take advantage of the county's resources. More than 120 people attended the Montgomery nonprofit organization meeting with the Office of Grant Management (OGM) to gain insight into the current status of community grants and the impact of the County Executive's operating budget for fiscal year 2023. This meeting was a crucial opportunity to understand how the county is allocating its resources and how nonprofits can benefit from them. The Montgomery County Executive (EC) also appoints members of African, African American, Asian, Caribbean, Latino, Middle Eastern, and LGBTQ advisory groups.

These groups are essential in ensuring that the county executive is well-informed and can act effectively to respond to the needs and concerns of the county's diverse communities. They also work together with government, non-profit organizations, and community organizations to create an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming county. If you're a nonprofit organization in Montgomery County looking for ways to partner with local schools and government, this event is a must-attend! Discover the exciting opportunities available to you and how your organization can benefit from the county's resources.

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